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Welcome to Coffins Print Shop!

Call us to order 321-460-7198 or order online!

Coffins Print Shop is located in South Orlando (SODO), Florida, just of Parramore on  23rd Street. Owner, Christian Coffins, has been providing silkscreen printing services for bands, small businesses, and other projects since 1998. We will take on any job, small or large. There is no minimum or maximum order so if you want 1 shirt or 92837527352 shirts, we will take the job! Of course, lead times are longer as the order gets larger. On average, we can tackle about 100 shirts in an 8-hour work day but for clients in a pinch have been known to burn the midnight oil to get you what you need, when you need it!

Live Concerts!

In addition to making stuff, we also have a live stage out back and have shows, parties, and more! Check out events page!

How we work

screenEach screen we burn for you has a one-time set-up fee of $30. You will see the this item in our online store. One screen = 1 color ink or a combination (marbled) one-off print. So if you just have one color on one side of a shirt you will order a one-time set-up fee of $30, and however many shirts, bags, or patches you want.

If you want to order more products with the same artwork (at the same size) you do not need to pay the setup fee again… ever! We keep your art transparency print on file to be used at at a later time.

If you need the front and back of the shirt printed on, with two different pieces of artwork, that will be two set-ups. So select qty (2) for the set-up ($60) + however many products you want.

Graphic Design Services

designIf you have an idea for a shirt but no art, we can turn your concept into a reality. For $50 an hour, we can design pretty much anything for you! The art we produce can then be used elsewhere and is owned by you. We also do web design, social media design, business cards, banners, logos, and more!

Multi-color printing

This is a good example of a 2 screen silkscreen process where one color (base color) is applied then a second ink is applied over the first.

We can do 2-color, 3-color, 4-color (full color), or more (special color processes)! Just keep in mind, for every screen we print, you just need to pay a one-time set-up fee of $30 for each color. If you are unsure, email the art to and we will take a look and call you back with the best way to go about it.

Your artwork must be print ready. This means that what you provide is what we print in black ink on transparency to burn our screens. If a piece of art has more than one color, it must be separated into different black and white (no grey) files with the filename of the color that screen is to be printed in. If your art is full color we will charge you a graphic design fee at $50 an hour to separate the art by color to be print ready.

Art size

10644122_623090717802244_7959627106657263856_oThe screens we use have a working area of 11″x14″. So anything that you can fit on that size within 300dpi should be fine.

Multiple pieces of art on one screen

If your a
rt is smaller than 11″x14″, it may be possible to fit multiple things on one screen (don’t get crazy!) For example: you can fit a shirt design on top that is 8.5″x11″ (letter sized) and two 5″x5″ patch designs on one screen! Then do a run of shirts, 3 different patches (two different 5″x5″ and a large {back patch} 8.5″x11″ with the same art as the shirt) and a run of bags with the art from one screen! NO other print shop will do this for you. Well, none that we have heard of anyway.


12747549_752196974880039_1567847601_n(1)Since there is no minimum order, you can order a few in one color, and a few in another color. We prefer not to wash the screens between  color changes to save on water, time, and labor so you will get a few shirts, patches, or bags that are colors in transition.

Customers typically love this as well because they are one of a kind prints. We can splash colors like a Pollock painting giving a really cool marbled effect (like the shirt to the right).

Coffins Comix

We have launched Coffins Comix! A hardcore, grindhouse, comic studio that is not in compliance with the Comic Code! We released our first horror anthology comic/full length album on CD, Tales of Terror Issue #1, Halloween 2017 which is currently on it’s 2nd printing, available here, now! We are working Issue #2 coming in MAYhem with a return of Sacred Owls, Will Brack, The Prople, and several new acts!!!

We proudly print comix exclusively with Ka-Blam! Check them out!