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ByThat’s right! In addition to making all sorts of stuff for bands! We also host events! We have the old Red Lion Pub stage in our back yard! Tiki torches, bonfires, graveyard… Welcome to Coffins Print Shop! Follow our events on Facebook here!

Tap to navigate (719 23rd Street Orlando, Florida 32805)

Directions: Between Michigan and Kaley, 200 feet West of Interstate 4 (I-4). 2 exits South of Dowtown Orlando, 3 exits north of Universal Studios & I Drive!

Shows start at 8pm unless otherwise marked.

Up Next


Sacred Owls, Sad Halen, The Spoon Dogs (Facebook)

Punk With A Camera & Coffins Print Shop present an evening of live performances by Coffins Collective & Coffins Comix artists: Sacred Owls – Resident Resistance Force, Dougie Flesh and the Slashers brining Horror Folk & Touring Bands, Unity Rise – Florida Folk Punk, Sad2 – Sad & full of puns folk punk duo from Texas, & Professor Anarchy – The World’s Greatest Transsexual Rapper (& next resident of Coffins!) (Facebook)

SpikMetal Sacred Owls DemYetiBoyz SpoopGod MC BlaqSh33p Knucklehead & A Double Feature (Facebook)

FINAL SHOW!!! Grave Return, Sacred Owls, Sticky Steve, The Transdimensionalizers & more! (Facebook)

Past Shows

Sacred Owls, & The Tiny Sparks 4/20 Blowout! (Facebook)


Sacred Owls, Will Brack, Dougie Flesh and the Slashers, Gyrojets (Tampa)
The Prople (Tampa), & Jess-o-Lantern all the way from New York!


Friday, March 30th – Snailmate, Warm Like Winter, Sacred Owls (Facebook)

Sunday, January 21st – Joint Operation, Sacred Owls + Open Mic!

Sunday, December 31st A Coffins NYE (Facebook)

11-18-17 & 11-19-17 The Never Forget Music Festival (Facebook)

11-24-17 A Coffins Thanksgiving (Facebook)

10-31-17 A Coffins Halloween II (Facebook)

9-15-17 Ashes Fall with Sacred Owls, Somber, & Acab Keaton (Facebook)

10-1-17 Nighmare Sonata, Sacred Owls, & More TBA (Facebook)

10-21-17 Children Of October with Sacred Owls & more! (Facebook)

8-19-17 The Robinsons, A Killing Tradition, Sacred Owls, & more TBA (Facebook)

8-25-17 The Damnsels, Longfinger, Sacred Owls

7-7-17 Anti-False Flag Fest II (Facebook)

7-15-17 Flamingo Nosebleed, The Jasons, Sacred Owls The Prople, & Swearwolf (Facebook)

7-2-17 Ska-B-Q (Facebook)

6-23-17 Best of the Worst, Station Cases, Dougie Flesh, Sacred Owls, Dial Drive (Facebook)

6-17-17  Version Zeta with Dial Drive, Pine Needle Punch, & Laghima (Facebook)

5-13-17 Blacklist Babes Benefit (Facebook)

4-29-17 Vanessa Silberman, The Love Dimension, The Sugar Fathers (Facebook)

4-1-17 (noon) Cash for Cashes! (Facebook)

3-30-17 Joint Operation (Reggae from Baltimore) Space Coast Ghosts & Sacred Owls (Facebook)

3-27-17 185668232 (Facebook)

3-24-17 Swamp Rats, Will Brack, Mouse Sex, Sacred Owls (Facebook)

3-23-17 Dicks from Mars, Sacred Owls, & The TransDimensionalizers (Facebook)

3-18-17 Doktor Faux and the Right Angles, Sacred Owls, ReallyFastHorses, & Danny Feedback’s Puxxxyman (Facebook)

3-17-17  (4pm) Bubbly Boys Tour Kick off with Sacred Owls & The TransDimensionalizers (Facebook)

2-16-17 Hellbound Horror Show (Facebook)

2-11 Hale Bopp Astronaut, Sacred Owls, Soda City Riot, Sex Wax! (Facebook)

1-28-17 Doktor Faux & The Right Angles, The Prople, Sacred Owls, Warm Like Winter, Bluesferebones, ReallyFastHorses! (Facebook)

1-14-17 Canker Blossom ATM Holy Hawks lWl and Corgi Feldman! (Facebook)

12-31-16 Piss Off 2016: A 2 Day Coffins New Year Extravaganza (Facebook)

12-4-16 TGTG, ReallyFastHorses, & more! (Facebook)

11-26-16 Punk Rock Kickball (Facebook)

10-31-16 A Coffins Halloween (Facebook)

9-11-16 Sacred Owls 91116 Anti-False Flag Festival (Facebook)

The HOTTEST place in town!