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We are always looking for fun new stuff to host! Our live stage is open Friday from 7pm-11:30pm, Saturday from noon-11:30pm, & Sunday from noon-11pm. Please fill out the form below and add links to your bands Facebook page, website, Bandcamp, YouTube, and anywhere else you are on the web along with the date you are requesting. You can also request to be added to an existing event!

Since we are a house that provides the space (stage, yard, parking, living, and green room), sound (PA system, mics, stands, cables) lighting (lasers, projections), facilities (bathroom, laundry) and not a bar, shows are free and donation based, we encourage patrons to buy merchandise and donate to the bands and they do quite well if they bill the night with appropriate local supporting acts. We make nothing other than donations given to us to keep having free house shows. We charge most promoters and local bands that want to have a night here $50 to pay for toilet paper, use and washing of glasses for beverages of guests, running sound, tiki torch fuel, electricity, etc. If you are from out of Florida we waive the fee (put it in your gas tank!) We provide bonfire, making event page, promoting the show on all social media, making videos for Instagram before and during the show to promote the bands performing. Upon request we project band logos behind the band on stage or project anything the bands requests (movies, visuals, etc.) We are a bit more DIY than other venues. So if this sounds like a good fit for you, submit below!