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One Time $30 Set Up Fee

Buy one of these for EACH 11" x 14" silkscreen we burn. This fee pays for:

  • one silkscreen
  • one 11" x 14" acetate transparency laser jet printed with the highest quality and opacity at 300dpi.
  • one application of photo emulsion
  • all labor to process the screen into production.

This is a one time fee for this artwork. If you order using the exact same art work with no variations (including size) we can use your acetate transparency to burn a new screen for your next order. This helps us recycle screens instead of waste material and space and provides you with a brand new, crisp, print of your artwork for the sharpest prints, every time!

If you are ordering multiple color overlays with different art, buy however many you need to fill your order. Say you have a blue tree and a red bird in the foreground on a heather grey shirt, that is 2 screens, $60 UNLESS the art is less than half the screen and we can flip it 180 degrees to do the next color. I'd be willing to do that for $30. The shipping cost covers the PayPal fee.


Price: $30.00

Shipping: $1.20

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